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    Unlock your full potential with our Ideal Breakfast Ideal plan! Our plan is designed to help you achieve amazing results and feel great, just like we have.

    Our plan includes expert support and advice from our team, as well as access to our exclusive and private Facebook support group. In this group, you'll find meal and snack ideas, shake recipes, and a community of people just like you, working towards their health and wellness goals.

    Our plan features our signature Formula 1 shake and PDM (Protein Drink Mix) combination, a powerful and delicious blend that can help enhance your results and support your lean muscle mass. The combination of Formula 1 and PDM means you can make great-tasting, lean, smooth, and filling smoothies with just water!

    In addition to the shakes, our plan also includes our 'Thermo' tea, a refreshing and low-calorie instant herbal beverage mixed with Aloe that's perfect for a steady energy boost throughout the day. Infused with green and black tea, this tea is a healthier alternative to normal tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and energy drinks.

    We also include our Aloe Mango Concentrate, a refreshing drink that contains 40% Aloe Vera juice to give your water a refreshing citrus twist and aid digestion. Or choose our AloeMax - 97% Aloe Vera Juice, with only 2 kcal per serving, no added sugars and no artificial flavours or colours.

    Start your journey to a healthier and happier you today with our Ideal Breakfast Ideal plan!