The Secret To A Flat Toned Stomach...

Did you know that our digestive system is a complex set of organs that work in beautiful harmony to do more than just process food?

Our gut is made of trillions of live bacteria, also known as the gut microbiota, that help carry out a variety of vital functions such as digest and extract nutrients from the food we eat, regulate the normal functioning of the immune system, and positively affect our overall health and well being as well as our cognitive health.

An unbalanced gut can manifest itself in a variety of telltale signs such as an upset or bloated stomach, unintentional weight changes, sleep disturbance and fatigue, or even skin irritations and food intolerances. A well balanced gut has the right number of good versus bad bacteria.

Probiotics may help with this. They are living good bacteria that when consumed in adequate amounts, supports our gut health and well being. Prebiotics on the other hand, are substances that feed the good bacteria and help decrease the number of bad bacteria in our guts.

At Herbalife Nutrition, we believe the secret to feeling great starts from within. This is why we are proud to introduce our latest product innovation: Microbiotic Max.

Microbiotic Max is a food supplement delivering 2 billion live good bacteria as well as prebiotic fibre in each serving. It's been specifically designed to offer a combination of both good bacteria and fibre, which work together in harmony to help support your nutritional goals. Available in a subtle vanilla flavour.

Microbiotic Max is gluten free, high in prebiotic fibre and contains no added sugar, colours, sweeteners or preservatives.

The individually sealed sachets are not only convenient when you're on the go, but also helped maintain the integrity of the live bacteria within. Simply mix one sachet of Microbiotic Max with 100 millilitres of water under 25 degrees Celsius, or add to your favourite Herbalife Nutrition shake after blending.

Microbiotic Max...a billion reasons to feel good. 

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