Easy Vegan Chocolate Bark

Preparation time:  30 minutes
Servings: 6 servings
Who said a vegan protein snack needs to be dull?
You will love this easy Chocolate, Pistachio and Protein Bark treat.
🌿 50g cocoa powder
🌿 50g coconut oil
🌿 500ml almond milk (may need less almond milk so don't add it all at once)
Mix the powders to the melted coconut oil and the almond milk.
Add toppings. Top with:
🌿 5g coconut flakes
🌿 10g chopped pistachio
Pop in the fridge overnight or Pop in freezer for 20 minutes
Break into pieces
NB Tri Blend Select differs from other vegan protein powders in that it includes the complete range of amino acids your body needs to stay healthy.
I love this plant based recipe - What do you think? 😋 or 😋😋

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